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Liane Scior has over 20 year of experience in the beauty industry.  She is a certified beauty therapist and makeup artist and educator for the professional beauty industry in Australasia. Liane has worked with many leading skin care brands and owns and operates her own spa on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  She is also a product distributor and developer of makeup and skin care products. Described as an encyclopedia of beauty knowledge with a no-nonsense approach she’s often sought out by the beauty media for her opinions and comments. With a passion for all things beauty that began at the tender age of five when she received her first perfume she admits to being a cosmetic junkie but justifies it by saying it’s all for research.


Elaine Palapag  is a lifestyle contributor. Extremely passionate about writing, she co-manages lifestyle blogs with friends. Topics include arts & crafts, beauty, skincare, music, and travel. A late bloomer, Elaine has just recently discovered her love for makeup, accessories, and anything vintage. When she’s not working on her DIY projects, playing the piano or studying strings, she’s out exploring the outdoors. Professionally, Elaine does marketing communications and manages social media accounts for several international luxury brands. Her ultimate dream is to write and publish her own book. She hopes to share her interesting finds and daily musings to Sesora readers.







Lola Kristiani knew that she loved to write when she wrote her first script for her high school play. She started blogging in 2009. For her fashion style, she loves designing her own handbags and shoes and produces her own handbag label. Lola loves vintage style and her mother’s old clothes. Lola continues to progress her passion for writing. Her professional career includes writing and managing social media accounts for several international brands. In her free time she will be busy somewhere else on the globe, taking pictures with her camera. She has a strong desire to explore and see the world. For her, happiness is a Disney movie marathon with her only son.

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Kanya Nanayakkara

At a young age, Kanya’s family imparted values to her that would last a life time. Consideration for others, to always be honest (as her Dad would say, the truth is simply easier to remember rather than any lie!) and that caring for skin is as important as boiling water to a cup of tea! In other words, it is essential. After unearthing an early passion in skin care Kanya cultivated a career in the beauty industry in Marketing & PR working with the highest quality international brands, living and breathing what she loves and personally values. A self-titled “foodie” – for lack of a better word – she is a market-goer aficionado and travel enthusiast. Kanya thoroughly enjoys trawling through fashion and beauty blogs and is delighted to contribute to what she loves.