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An Elixir of Youth?

I was recently gifted a bottle of Anne Semonin Precious Serum and not only have I fallen in love with this exquisite product I’ve fallen in love with entire line.  In the last coupe of years I’ve seen this product emerge in some of the most beautiful spas and read the rave reviews but I’d yet to try the line myself.

It certainly sounded intriguing; the Anne Semonin Facials are all bespoke and mixed for you on your visit to the spa making them truly unique and completely customised.  Based on pure essential oils and trace elements the ingredient listing is as impressive as it is enticing to the senses.

When I received this gorgeous gift, one of many I confess to being nervous to try it.  Oils generally make me wary, as my skin while mature and dehydrated is prone to breakout even at the ripe age of 40+

My skin was looking it’s worst after 30 hours of air travel and little sleep so I figured I had nothing to lose.  I used it morning and evening for the remainder of the trip, a few drops beneath sun block in the morning and approx. 3 generous drops in the evening.  It takes a lot to impress me with skin care, I’ve seen it all or so I’d thought, this product balanced my skin like no other product has ever been able to do.

The oil seems quite rich on first application, though transforms to a super fine oil/serum on the skin, it absorbs beautifully and unlike most oils that leave your skin shiny and greasy this leaves a satiny finish that looks healthy and calm.  The scent is amazing thanks to; Rose Damascena, Rosewood and Lavender Essential Oils.  The packaging both elegant and practical, I love the pipet applicators that give you just the right dose.

It also contains; Sesame Seed, St Johns Wort and Flower and Wheat Germ Oils clarify, soften, soothe and calm skin whilst Vitamins E, A, K, D & B nourish and moisturise dry skin.

From the first application my skin became finer, so much softer and the dry patches that had emerged all around my eyes and cheeks seemed to diminish instantly.  After several days my skin completely normalised and I even noticed the perpetual redness on my cheeks seemed to disappear (a bonus I wasn’t expecting).

For now I’m cheating on all my other skin care and this product is my leading lady, she comes out morning and evening to do her thing!

I don’t believe in “one product fit’s all” or “the ultimate youth elixir” but every now and again a product offers so much more than you expect and it’s a wonderful coup.  This is one of those products.

Not a budget buy by any means it retails for $170 AUD in Europe, however you only need a drop or two for the entire face and neck so I’m certain it would last a very long time.

On another note, I loved the range so much I plan to bring it back to Oz so watch this space!  You’ll be seeing more of these wonderful products, in the meantime if you happen to come across Anne Semonin in your travels, do yourself a favour and pick up a bottle of this Precious Serum, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!