Beautiful Scents for your Home

Aromas can affect your mood, stimulate your memory, and even influence your well-being. I love beautiful scents and find myself seeking them out on a daily basis.  I can’t walk past a lavender bush without crushing some in my hands and breathing it in and I love, love, love the smell of freshly brewed coffee!

Scents affect us because our olfactory nerves connect directly with our brains, where scent impulses create instant memories so they are pretty powerful mood adjusters.  A lot of scents remind me of my grandma because that’s where I first came across those scents as a child, the roses in her garden, the eucalyptus she put on our pillows when we had cold, the cinnamon buns she served with tea, all of these scents evoke feelings of comfort for me.  You will have other memories and scents that resonate with you.

It’s no surprise therefore that my home is filled with scented candles, whether I’m working at my desk or reading in bed I’ve always got a candle burning and releasing some evocative aroma.

When I splurge I covet Diptyque Candles.  I rarely burn them because they are so beautiful I don’t want to spoil them but that’s ok because I just love having them around and the aroma is so exquisite and powerful you get a hint of it whenever you walk into a room even when it’s not lit.  My bedroom has a gorgeous Jonquil one sitting by the bed at present and it smells like a Spring garden in there.


For every day candle burning I love Yankee Candles.  Very affordable and with so many amazing scents I just can’t resist trying new ones.

But I do have some favourites I’d like to share…

On weekends after the house has had some much needed cleaning and tidying its lovely to light up a Clean Cotton (Sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon.) It’s so fresh and reminds me of sunny days.


By the bed when I read at night, I often reach for the Aromatherapy Spa Candle with Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Geranium. This one is said to calm nerves, relieve irritability and stabilize your mood and it certainly does that for me. It seems to act like a sedative to my dogs too!

The list goes on, and is not limited to soothing scents, Yankee Candles have a huge array of scents that are great for the kitchen;  Crème Brulee, Apple Strudel, Red Velvet Cake and Salted Caramel to name a few. And yes, they smell as delicious as they sound.

But its Christmas time that I really go nuts for Yankee Candles. Even though its summer in Australia during Christmas I still can’t resist the lovely scents that remind me of the magic of European Christmas.  It wouldn’t be Christmas in this house without my Christmas Cookie Candles, (Buttery rich, vanilla scented, holiday sugar cookies.) or Christmas Tree which smells exactly like a freshly cut Spruce.  Or my all-time favourite Cinnamon Sugar.  The rich, fruity, spicy scents all create a wonderful aura of cosy home.

sesora cinnamon

Bringing scents into your life to create specific moods/energies is an easy choice to keep the mood in your home fresh and happy. Do you covet wonderful scents?

For more information on Yankee Candles go here.