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CHAT PERF – Smell ‘O’ Phone?!

You must think me obsessed with fragrance, this is my third post on the topic but I really couldn’t wait to share this one!

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a device that turns your phone into a smell ‘o’ phone!

Japanese company Chaku Perfume Co. Ltd.  has created the Chat Perf, an attachment for iPhone that a sends a signature smell to accompany your messages or email notification.

It’s an atomizer that connects to your iPhone to disperse scents from the scent tanks contained within. These you can change.  So whoever you send it to will need the appropriate scent tank installed to receive the scent.  You can also set it to release a scent when an email lands in your inbox.

If that’s not enough, it can be used with games, for example releasing the smell of gunpowder when firing a weapon.  The company has a Software Development Kit available to developers so they can create apps that make use of the device.

The atomiser will connect to the phone’s headphone jack, which should also extend compatibility to include Android devices. According to RocketNews24, Chat Perf will cost approx. AUS$50, with additional charges for the scent tanks.

Watch the demonstration video here

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