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Don’t be afraid of colour!

Black is timeless, sophisticated, elegant and slimming.  I won’t dispute it.  However, some of us hide behind it when it comes to fashion because black is safe.  For makeup it’s the same; brown and taupe are the safe colour options.  I’m guilty of throwing on the little black dress and my taupe shadow and stepping out to face the world; job done.  But it never really feels special does it? It’s acceptable, even a little chic, but it’s missing something?

sesora black

We colour our homes, our gardens and celebrate colour in art, yet when it comes to ourselves I think we can fall short of being fashion forward by playing it safe and avoiding colour.  I know I do!

So I’m making it my mission to add a bit of colour every day and the results have been astounding! I feel more confident, I get more compliments, people smile at me more and I feel a bit happier, colour influences our moods in a way I never realised.

Now you don’t have to wear clothes like this…

sesora bright clothes

or makeup like this…

sesora colour brights

But how about adding just a “POP” of colour.

A bright lip – try matte shades or sheer if you don’t like your lips to stand out too much.

sesora lips

Bright nails

sesora nails

or even carry a bright bag, there are some gorgeous colours available this year

sesora bag

You could try a scarf

sesora scarf

or even just a bold piece of jewellery

sesora jewellery

A subtle sweep of bright liner can look stunning

sesora eyeliner

or even a hat

sesora hat

or a pair of bright shoes

sesora shoes

A “pop” of colour can be the perfect way to get comfortable with colour.  Are you ready to brave it?