Beauty 101

Get ready quick miracle sprays!

Sigh…I love my bed, especially in the morning when responsibilities seem so far away, hence the habit I can’t seem to break of pressing the snooze button to get 5 more minutes sleep.  Sound familiar? It’s a trade off though… more beauty sleep = less time to get ready and on days when I have to look half way decent and get out the door pronto I reach for the multitasking sprays!  Here are my top four that I reach for on more days than I’d care to admit!

sesora quick sprays



I love washing my hair, but it’s the conditioning, de-tangling, blow-drying and smoothing serums I can do without on a “get ready quick” day! Before showering I spray this wonderful miracle into greasy hair roots, give it a quick finger massage to distribute the fine powder, cinch it all up in a claw clip while I have a shower and when out, give my hair a vigorous brush to release the product.  The end result?  Clean hair with extra body and a full 15-20 minutes saved!

MINI $3.99

FULL SIZE $10.35




After a very quick power-shower I spray this all over wet skin and massage in.  It moisturizes, has a gorgeous girly scent and leaves a subtle sheen on the skin.  You’ve just skipped towel drying, moisturizing and illuminating the skin.  There’s 5 more minutes sleep!

Scented with a tempting blend of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk.





Forget your toners, hydrating serums, primers and makeup setting spray, this one does it all.  It’s a hydrating mist power packed with essential oils to condition, revitalize and hydrate the skin, spray before moisturizer and after your makeup and your skin will look awake and as though you’ve just completed a 6 step skin ritual. Another 5-10 minutes saved.

Main ingredients: Grape, orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint and rosemary.






Want to wear a dress or skirt but legs are looking a little scary and white?  A quick spray and massage in and your legs will look beautiful and bronze.  This formula is designed to stay on the skin and not rub off and it won’t budge in rain, when you sweat or even if you decide to jump in puddles.  It lasts all day until you exfoliate it off at night.  Stockings in a bottle!  Might not save you time (unless you would have had to iron pants or search for stockings) but will certainly save you a great deal of embarrassment.

FULL SIZE $12.39

So there is approx. 30 minutes saved while still looking gorgeous and glam, you can spend it over a soothing coffee or as I prefer in bed! Do you have any great time savers to spare?