Give Peace a Chance

Tomorrow is International Peace Day and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than finding  peace and serenity in our own bath tubs!  To me there is nothing more relaxing and re-energizing than taking a hot bath after a hard week.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite bath goodies in the hope you can find your own little slices of heaven…


World renowned Aromatherapist Michelle Roques O’Neil, created her bath & body range Therapie to work as a self-healing programme – to restore energy levels, alleviate stress & help rediscover emotional well-being. I love these salts when I’m having trouble sleeping, a half hour soak and I’m out for the count!  They smell amazing too, fresh and floral and natural.

What’s in them?  Himalayan mineral salts, powdered amethyst & essential oils of lemongrass, juniper & geranium. The amethyst has a high mineral content, to heal & clarify problematic skin whilst counteracting the electro-magnetic energy we absorb from modern day gizmos so these are great when you have been hunched over a computer or glued to your mobile phone all week.


I use these when I’m feeling less than wonderful and a bit depleted.  The marine and mineral salts seem to replenish your own mineral deficiencies and nothing makes me feel more relaxed and energized at the same time.  These are like a vitamin pill for the body and help to restore your equilibrium and well-being.

Fresh and calming oils of grapefruit, orange, mandarin and lavender combine to soothe and relieve tension and turn your bathroom into a luxury spa!


This is a favourite of Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr and was winner of a coveted spot in InStyle’s Beauty Hall of Fame.  A potently fragrant therapeutic oil blend with a heavenly scent will not only calm and relax you; it will permeate your entire home. I love this before special occasions as it makes your skin feel so silky and smells divine.

Earthy oils of vetiver, chamomile and sandalwood comfort and ground you at times of stress, helping you to feel calmer.


I love a bath bomb, love the way it fizzes and fills the bath with gorgeous “over the top” scent and colour.  This one while pretty tame in the colour department smells like a rose garden and it’s so incredibly warming and pampering.  Soothing and filled with rose and orris root this bomb also has dried rose buds that float to the top of the bath making you feel completely decadent.  It leaves your skin feeling emollient and moisturised and is perfect for a night time treat. I love that these are handmade and full of natural ingredients but order these online as I find the scents in the LUSH store too overwhelming!


Another LUSH favourite, this is like a bath bomb but instead of just fizzing and filling the bath with milky goodness these create a mountain of soft bubbles and who doesn’t love a bubble bath?  This one has lemon and rose which work so well together to create the most gorgeous fresh but calming scent.  You only need to crumble a quarter of these to get a good bubble thing happening.

I hope you find something here to entice you!  Have a wonderful, safe International Peace Day and enjoy your own peaceful oasis any time you desire.