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Help for Puffy Eyes

Do you wake up sometimes with puffy eyes?  Nothing makes us look more tired than those bags of fluid that seem impossible to conceal.  Dark circles, blemishes and even hyperpigmentation all hide obediently behind the right concealer but puffy bags?  The more you try to cover them, the more they stand out!

Why do we get them?

In simple terms fluid builds up in the tissue and the area becomes inflamed.  Our lymphatic system which is kind of like a pool pump for our body, eliminating toxins and keeping things flowing seems to back up.

Lowering your sodium intake and increasing your water intake will certainly help.  Water helps your lymphatic system filter toxins more easily and helps to flush stagnant “bad fluids”.

Increasing your overall circulation can help too, by increasing your blood and lymphatic circulation your body will reduce overall puffiness.  Exercise is the best way and circulation increasing products such as bathing in seaweed can help too.

What to do when you wake up with puffy eyes.

  1.  Drink lots of water.  Enough said, you know it’s good for you!
  2. Suck on an ice cube.  The coldness permeates through the gums and particularly the roof of the mouth and helps to reduce inflammation in the mucous membranes

Exercise the lymphatic vessels with warm and cold.

Place two Green Teabags in a half filled cup of hot water and let them sit for a few minutes.

In another cup place ice and four teaspoons. If you don’t have any ice frozen peas work too!

Place the Teabags over the eyes (they should be very warm but not burning hot) and let them sit for 5 minutes, then before the skin cools apply your eye cream or gel.  Glide the two spoons (round side down) around the eyes gently, beginning at the nose and working your way out to the temples.  When the set of spoons you are working with become warm swap them for the set sitting in the ice.  Do this for 5-10 minutes.

Why this works

The warm tea bag vaso-dilates (opens) the vessels to take in the excess fluid, the green tea reduces inflammation.  Followed by the coldness of the spoons which vaso-constricts and closes the vessels.  The fluid is naturally flushed away from the area through your lymphatic system.

And here are some tips on concealing puffy eye bags…

SESORA puffy eyes

Do you suffer from puffy eyes?  Let me know if this works for you!

In my next post I’ll share some great under-eye concealers that have worked for me.