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How to Fake Fuller Lips

Who wouldn’t want sexy pouty lips?  Ok, maybe not over-the-top, over injected lips but full and sensuous?

I confess to cheating my lip line on occasions, particularly when wearing darker lip colours that tend to make the lips look thinner. It has however taken quite a bit of experimenting to get it right and I’m going to share my thoughts on how to fake fuller lips.

Lips need some TLC before makeup.

We moisturise our faces and necks before applying foundation, we know the importance of good eye care before applying concealer but we often neglect to prepare our lips before applying colour.  Before you begin your makeup apply a generous layer of lip balm and allow it to absorb while you do the rest of your makeup.  Lipliner, pencil or whatever you apply will look much nicer on conditioned lips.  If your lips are dry and cracked and you don’t have time to do a lip scrub then apply the balm and let it sit a while and rub your lips with a cotton tip to remove the dead flakes.  When the time comes to add a pop of colour simply blot the lips on a tissue and colour away.

You can’t fake fuller lips with frosted lipstick.

These tend to highlight your natural lip border and when you extend colour beyond the border it just looks smudged and obvious.  If you want to fake fuller lips, stick to matt or creme shades.

Don’t just line the lips, fill them in too.

Your lipliner is full of waxes that are designed to stay put, and they will be there long after your lipstick has faded.  Better to base your entire lip so when your lippy fades you have an even base.

Don’t extend the liner on the lip peaks…

sesora lips 1

Instead, widen the outer lip slightly to create a soft, natural pout.  The border on this part of the lips is less defined and the extension of colour will be less obvious.

Darken the outer corners…

sesora lips 2

To really give your lips some pouty dimension try using a darker shade of lip pencil in the outer corners, it creates an illusion of fullness in the fleshy part of the lip.

Highlight the top and shade the bottom…

sesora lips 3

Highlighting the cupids bow of the lip emphasizes the border while shading just below the lips emphasizes the pout.

Gloss the fleshy parts of the lip…

sesora lips 4

Instead of just placing gloss in the centre of the lip, place it either side of the centre at the top and in the centre down the bottom.  If you want your lip colour to last longer place some highlighter on these points instead. (exaggerated in the pic so you can see where, your might want to use a lighter hand!)

sesora lips 5

To touch up…

Just take a good mirror, your lip pencil and some gloss with you, you should only need to touch up the inside of the lips and this is as easy as applying lipstick.

Have fun experimenting!

Liane x