Beauty 101

How to: Make your Eyes look Bigger with Makeup

Using makeup skilfully is all about creating illusion.  Some say we are trying to create the divine proportion but that’s a whole other topic for another post.  Ultimately I believe most of us use makeup to help us look as young and healthy and vibrant as we possibly can.

One of the areas of the face where makeup application can be hit or miss is the eye area.  Great makeup can make your eyes look larger, your eye whites whiter and your face look friendlier,  poorly applied makeup on the other hand can make you look unwell, old and sometimes a bit hard and unapproachable.

In the last decade of applying makeup to clients one of the most common questions I’m asked is; how can I make my eyes look bigger?

Here I’ll share some do’s and don’ts that I believe make a huge difference…



Apply concealer that is too light for your skin, it will only make the area look ashy and lifeless and your eye whites will look less vibrant and white

Apply a frosted light colour all over the lid hoping to brighten the eyes, this will only serve to make the lid look flat and one dimensional effectively ending the eye zone at the lash line.

Don’t apply dark black eyeliner all around the eye rim (unless you are doing a smokey eye and pairing it with smoked out shadow), this will make the eyes look smaller and harder.

Tweeze your brows to a thin line and leave them unattended, this is one of the most ageing things you can do to your face and it also makes the eyes look smaller


Apply concealer that is a warm shade, yellow or peachy colours works best, not only will this counteract the blue tones of dark circles it will contrast well with the whites of your eyes and make them brighter.

Apply a base matt colour that is just one shade brighter than your own skin to brighten the eye area and follow with a deeper shade in the contours blending out to create a soft smokey effect.

Apply a nude shade of eyeliner in the rims of the eyes to create an illusion of a larger eye and opt for soft shadow as a liner outside the lash line instead of a harsh line, this extends the eye contour.

Curl your lashes if they are straight, it lifts the lashes so they are more visible and opens the eye.

Apply a volumizing mascara, it’s softer and thicker than a lengthening mascara and helps enlarge the eye contour, apply several coats to the top and bottom lashes, long lashes make the eyes look much larger.

Shape and fill in the brows to create a soft frame for the eyes.

I hope this helps, do you think the eye on the left looks bigger and brighter than the eye on the right?