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Indulge in delicious Berries!

Are you afraid to go to the dark side?  Whenever I suggest a deep Berry Lip shade to a client they generally look very wary, some even go so far as to say “no way”.  “Have you tried it?” I ask, “well….no” is the usual answer.  And most are very pleasantly surprised how wonderful it looks on them.

Thanks to a smorgasbord of gorgeous Berry lip colours coming onto the market this sexy shade  is enjoying a revival, and not just the deep Gothic versions that came out in times past, these new shades are as diverse in colour and texture as the fruits that inspire them and look good enough to eat!

Here are some tips on how to look gorgeous with your best Berry Lip…

Choose the right tone

Check the undertone of your skin to determine if you are warm toned or cool toned.  If the veins in your arm appear blue you are cool toned and if they are greenish you are warm toned. Still not sure?  Consider whether your skin looks better with gold or silver jewellery, warm toned skin looks better with gold and cool toned with silver.

If you are cool toned you’ll love the blueish shades of berry, plums, deep purples and raspberry colours suit you best.  And if you are warm toned you’ll look best in rich chocolate shades, maroons and warmer red based shades.

The intense lip…

If you are aiming for a strong, bold lip look I recommend sweeping a sheer cover of foundation over your lips first.  Then using a lip brush apply the lipstick all over the lips to create a base stain.  Blot the lips and apply a matching lipliner to define the edges, take your time and use small feathery strokes to get a perfect line.  Then apply a second coat of lipstick with the lip brush to build up colour intensity.  The reason I like to do it this way?  When the top layer wears off you are left with a stain that prevents the lips from looking patchy.

The matte lip…

Apply as above and finish by blotting the excess colour from the lips and applying a super light dusting of face powder over the top.

The sheer lip…

Not ready for intense colour but like the deep shades?  Apply the lipstick with a lipbrush and blot most of it off leaving a soft stain on the lips. Apply Lip Gloss over the top.

The stained lip…

Not for everyone but if you are fashionista looking to wear the latest trends this look is designed to appear as though you’ve just devoured fresh berries.  Apply the lipstick straight from the bullet not being too careful on the edges then blot thoroughly until you are left with a stain.  Then apply another coat of lipstick just in the centre of the lips so the edges just fade out.

Some things to keep in mind

Berry lips can look a bit heavy and overpowering when you team them with dark colours near the face, so team them with some soft pastel and neutral clothes for a very chic look.

sesora berry chic

Let the lips be the hero and keep the eyes quiet, strong eye makeup teamed with a deep Berry Lip can look very over-the-top!

sesora berry lip

Team your Berry Lips with luminous fresh skin, rather than thick, caked on foundation.  That way you’ll be wearing the makeup rather than the makeup wearing you!

sesora berry natural

For night time glamour add a little bronze shadow on the lid, vamp up the lashes and add a touch of gloss, but take it easy on the blush unless you want to look like a doll, a light sweep of bronzer will blend the look together seamlessly.

sesora berry lip night time

Here are some of our favourite Berry colours to inspire you…

sesora berry lipsticks 1

sesora berry lipsticks 2

So tell us, will you be brave enough to go to the dark side and wear Berry Lips?