Kai – Like Summers in Hawaii

I love beautiful scents.  The first thing I do when I receive a new skin care product is raise it to my discerning and fussy nose for a sniff.  I won’t necessarily dismiss it if the smell isn’t pleasant, but it would have to offer amazing results to make it into my bathroom!

The same is true for Perfume; I have to love it to want to wear it and if I don’t love it, I’d prefer to go without.

I gravitate to natural scents, those with pure essential oils as opposed to artificial fragrance.  Mainly because they last longer on the skin but also because I just find the purity of the scent so much nicer.  Sadly natural fragrances with pure essential oils are few and far between.

Hence I’ve been on a search to find my Holy Grail scent for summer and I’ve finally found it.

Kai is a fragrance and body line that is paraben, sulfate, phthalate & phosphate free and doesn’t test on animals.  My first five boxes ticked.  It also incorporates pure essential oils in natural bases.  Tick, Tick.

On the inspiration behind the scent the founder of Kai, Gaye Straza  says “as a child my family would spend summers in Hawaii… there’s nothing like the scent of exotic flowers; plumeria, pikake, gardenia and jasmine seemed to grow everywhere. Every time I smell one of those flowers I’m instantly back on the islands surrounded by loved ones.”  After reading this I was hooked and not only am I prepared to purchase it online without smelling it first I want to go to Hawaii and be adopted by Gaye’s family.

I ended up buying the Body Wash, Body Lotion and Perfume Oil because I love to layer scent. I learnt this from a French perfume creator and now believe it’s the only way to really enjoy a scent in all its glory.

I use the Body Wash in the shower on a bath puff and also use it as Bubble Bath.  The scent is subtle, fresh and floral.  It leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed and lathers beautifully; a little goes a long way!  However it doesn’t dry the skin as some body washes do.

I then follow with the Body Lotion which is one of the loveliest textured lotions I’ve ever used.  Very light but nourishing, the oils give your skin a lovely sheen without making you feel greasy and the scent is heavenly.  Imaging walking past a gardenia plant on a warm day and you get the picture.  The moisture lasts well on my skin even in strong air conditioning.

I finish with a little swipe of the perfume oil on my wrists,  behind the ears and inside the elbows.  The fragrance is strong on first application but you don’t get the strong hit of alcohol and it softens in minutes and remains true all day. I love that it actually smells of gardenia’s and not gardenia air freshener as many fragrances do.

The total experience of wearing Kai is one of calm, clean, soft floral girlyness.  It is a subtle fragrance ideal for those that don’t like anything overpowering and while it is sweet it is not sickly sweet.

I think it’s a lovely summer fragrance and highly recommend it to those that love light florals.

So what is your favourite summer fragrance? Are you tempted by Kai?

Devotees of Kai

Maria Bello

Cate Blanchett

Kate Bosworth

Minnie Driver

Mila Kunis

Jennifer Garner

Nicole Kidman

Tea Leoni


Charlize Theron

Naomi Watts

Ashley Greene

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Linda Evangelista

Available at Mecca Cosmetica