Lip and Cheek Stains

Summer can be such a challenge when it comes to makeup; the warm temps increase oil production in the skin which literally emulsifies our war paint within an hour or two of application, and touching up a hot sweaty face is not my idea of glamorous. Does anyone else feeling like washing your face every hour in the heat?  Despite loving warm, sunny days I dream of the cooler days where my makeup stays fresh and in place!

So I’ve been on the hunt for products that last. Light-weight foundations that won’t cake and disappear, mascara’s that don’t smudge on oily eyelids and the biggest challenge; blush that stays on longer than it takes to get out the door!

Long story short, I wanted to share my new Summer “must have” , which is lip and cheek stain.  Not only do I love the fact these handy, gloopy liquids can be used on both the lips and cheeks, I’m really enjoying how long they last on the skin and how fresh and youthful they look.

I decided to try the Becca Beach Tint after reading countless positive reviews and picked up a tube of Dragonfruit, which blends out to a lovely rosy pink colour ideal for Summer.

becca cheek stain sesora

I warn you, if you are new to these tints or stains they are highly pigmented and a very small amount is all that’s needed.  Here is a swatch the size of a pea and it would be enough to do both the cheeks and lips of myself and about 3 friends. You’ll need to work quickly too, tap the smallest amount on the area and then use your fingers to buff it out, if you think you might have too much then switch to a clean finger and buff it down some more.

photo 3 (2)

photo 4


You’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous, dewy flush on the cheeks and lips that resembles a toddler after a small tantrum and the wonderful thing is it lasts! And lasts, and lasts!

And here is how it looks on both the lips and cheeks


I’m a convert and love these ease of them, there are many others available too and I urge you to try them…


Have you tried a good lip and cheek stain/tint?  Let us know which ones you like!