Lipsticks – Lasting or Lacking?

I’m a lipstick junkie.  I have a drawer full of lipsticks that I just “had to have” and yes, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the subtle differences between the shades, but I see them, “that one is slightly bluer, this one has just a bit more red etc.”  And for some reason I simply cannot resist adding more to my enormous lipstick collection, because like new shoes and a new haircut, lipstick makes me happy.

I think it goes back to my childhood, I can still hear my mum saying “wait a moment, just have to pop on some lippy” before we’d venture out.  Like Marilyn Monroe, she believed that applying colour to your lips was pulling yourself together and somehow I just don’t feel together without my pop of colour.

So when a cosmetic company comes out with a new type of lipstick that promises to condition your lips, last 12 hours and provide you with the perfect hue you’ve been searching for all your life I have to have it.  While I love lipstick I’m not crazy about having to reapply it every hour, I want my lipstick to last all day.

When colour-fast, colour-last, long-wear lipsticks first came out I was pretty excited, then disappointed because they felt like eye shadow on your lips and seemed to wear off patchy and strange, usually without your knowledge.  By the days end your lips would be so parched and dry that said lipstick would sink into the cracks and crevices of your dry lips the following day.  Not at all appealing and terribly uncomfortable.

But there’s a new generation of long-wear lipsticks and glosses and I’ve put five of my favourite “go to” shades to the test.

united lips

First up is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain.  I really enjoy this formulation, its semi opaque so you can venture into colours you wouldn’t normally be courageous enough to try like deep aubergine and true red and enjoy the hue without the intensity.  It feels wonderful on the lips and is easy to apply but unfortunately the gloss wears off very quickly.  It does leave a very subtle stain however so you are not left completely lip bare.  I find this great for the day time as it’s easy to re-apply without a mirror.

Next up is Rimmel Stay and Glossy.  Again the formulation is rich and semi-opaque, you can build it from a barely there hint of colour to pretty deep coverage and it feels nice and not too sticky on the lips.  It claims to last 12 hours however and lasted approximately one hour on me.  So verdict is, this is a nice gloss but has no business calling itself long lasting.

In contrast to this the Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge is the longest lasting lip colour I have ever used!  I applied this in the morning and it still looked freshly applied at 8.30pm!  You need to be careful applying this as a boo boo is very difficult to correct.  Fortunately it’s easy to apply, first a coat of the lip colour, allow it to set and then gloss over the top with the clear lacquer.  I tried to remove this with a makeup wipe and it wouldn’t budge and needed oil to break it down.  This is like cement for the lips and frankly frightened me a little; I would classify this as a lip tattoo. Highly recommend if you want your lippy to last through a nuclear holocaust.

Next in line is the Bourjois Colour Boost.  First thing I notice is the lovely vanilla scent, it glides on easily and has a lot of opacity, much more than I expect, it’s also super glossy.  It reminds me of the Clinique Chubby Sticks but with more colour and gloss.  Surprisingly it lasts very well, approx. 4 hours before I need to top it up and I’m happy that it faded evenly.  This is a front runner for me and I can see myself buying every colour.

Finally the Rimmel Apocolips.  I’ve read so much about these lip lacquers and wonder if it deserves all the hype.  It glides on beautifully, and unlike so many lip lacquers you can go over again and again and it won’t rub off the previous colour, it doesn’t set but seems to settle and hold quite well and it’s super glossy.  This lasts very well, at the end of the day I still have a soft hue of colour on the lips and they don’t feel dry.  Another front runner for me.

The Verdict.

Surprisingly the high end YSL at a RRP of $50 didn’t impress me as much as the $11.25  Bourjois Colour Boost.  This brand continually brings it out of the bag with quality products.  I found the Colour Boost sticks to be the best all-rounder lip product when it comes to lasting power and comfort.

I’m off to get the rest of the colours!

Let me know your favourite lip products, as you know I’m always on the lookout for something new!