Beauty 101


I envy those in cooler climates at Christmas!  Heading off to parties and functions and family gatherings in 30+ degree heat is not much fun for those of us that don’t like the heat.  Not to mention our makeup melting off so quickly you might as well skip it all together!  While blue skies and sunshine are a blessing for those of us lucky enough to get a Christmas break, wouldn’t it be lovely to have some cooler temperatures on those days we want to look our best?

One of our lovely readers sent an email to me today asking me to post some tips on how to help makeup last longer in the heat, so here are my 12 suggestions:

Cool down after your shower.  Wait at least 10 minutes before painting your face to give your skin time to cool down.  Makeup applies much better on a cool skin!  If you can apply your makeup somewhere cool; either in the breeze of a fan or air conditioner.

Avoid the blow-dry.  If possible let your hair air dry and stick to GHD’s and other styling aids to get the perfect coiffure. Hot air will only make you hot!  If you are short on time opt for an up-do; a messy bun or sleek pony will always look fresh and chic.

Don’t put on too much gloop.  Avoid heavy, thick, oily moisturisers and sun creams.  A thick layer of product will cause your foundation to slide off in no time!  Try hydrating serums and oil free sunscreen instead.

Take it easy on the Primer.  I know beauty gurus recommend primers to help your makeup stay put longer but in my experience too much silicone on the skin hinders rather than helps the foundation stay put.  Try primers with micro-sponge technology (tiny particles that absorb oil) or products that help to reduce shine and mattify the skin.

Less is more.  A fine layer of a foundation or base will adhere better to the skin than a thick layer.  Stay fast foundations such as Estee Lauder Double Wear are designed to last longer on the skin and resist breakdown from heat and oil, but they tend to be thicker and can emphasize fine lines and large pores.  Instead of applying your foundation with your fingers or a brush, apply with a damp beauty blender sponge for a thinner, finer application.

Conceal well.  Use concealer to reduce imperfections such as blemishes, dark circles and redness.  These tend to last longer on the skin than traditional foundation and are also finer in texture.

Powder up.  But keep it super light, just a light dusting to set the foundation and mattify the skin.  The larger the brush the lighter the layer.

Wear waterproof.  Waterproof eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and lippy will all last longer on the skin and resist running if you happen to get sweaty and hot.

Blot.  Take blotting papers with you and blot oily patches that come though rather than re-powdering.  Powder and oil create a thick, caked layer on the skin that looks and feels terrible!

Set your makeup.  Makeup Setting Sprays are like hairspray for the face and will help your makeup stay fresher and stay put.  They also help prevent makeup oxidation (when your base turns orange).

Spritz.  Take a refreshing spray with you and give your skin a quick spritz whenever you feel you need an instant cool down.

Take some “touch up” essentials with you; concealer and a lip and cheek tint is usually all I take; the concealer is a great way to even your face tone and cover un-mentionables that emerge as the day wears on and the lip and cheek tint give you that youthful, fresh bit of colour that makes your makeup look just applied.

Finally, enjoy yourself and keep out of the sun, too much of it is not just ageing, it’s a health hazard.

I hope this helps and would love to hear any tips you have for avoiding “Makeup Meltdown”.