NEW: Micro-Retinol from Pevonia

It looks like the masters of natural scientific skin care have done it again.  Some months ago I fell in love with Pevonia’s new Lumafirm line which is designed to brighten and tighten skin with advanced botanical ingredients. Now I feel as though I’m cheating on my Lumafirm with my new collection of Micro Retinol!  Somehow I’ll have to find a way to use them both!

In a labyrinth of anti-aging products that all claim to make you look younger and brighter this line emerges as one of great credibility.  It is based on Retinol which is one of the first ingredients in cosmetics that both the scientific and beauty industry agree on as a weapon against skin ageing.

According to Pevonia’s primary educator Dr Jurist, “Retinol, is considered the most active form of vitamin A that can safely benefit the skin. Vitamin A derivatives have been used for decades in skin care and continue to have a strong reputation as marvel ingredients for topical skin resurfacing. From acne to aging, vitamin A derivatives can improve the skin dramatically”.

What is retinol and where does it come from?

Retinol is a natural derivative of vitamin A that can be obtained from many sources. The most common natural source for retinol is beta carotene. It can stimulate the reproduction of skin cells, increasing their turnover rate, and organising the structure of the skin resulting in a rejuvenated skin appearance. Retinol also has a strong antioxidant activity against free radicals, protecting cells from oxidation. In addition, retinol can stimulate our protein creating cells to reinforce collagen within the skin.

However it seems this ingredient has some limitations; one issue that holds this great ingredient back is instability due to quick oxidation. In other words, it’s sensitive to air and light.  This is why most companies opt to include a very small amount of retinol in their products.

What makes the Pevonia Micro Retinol Line different?

Simply put the retinol is refined to a smaller molecule which means it penetrates deeper and it protected in a little capsule called a Tegosphere. Unlike a normal liposome which is another form of delivery capsule the Tegosphere senses the pH, warmth and moisture of the skin and releases the ingredient as you need it.  The result, a 70% increase in effective retinol delivery.

I tried the products and here are my impressions…

Micro-Retinol Essential Foaming Cleanser – this is a lightweight gel and foams a little but not too much.  It seems to cleanse the skin well removing most of my makeup, though I did double-cleanse to be sure.  The scent is light and fresh, lemony with a soft floral undertone.

Micro-Retinol Essential Toner – I sprayed this on a cotton pad and wiped this over the skin.  It’s very comfortable, refreshing and after cleansing and toning my skin felt very clean but not dehydrated and dry.

Micro-Retinol Essential Serum – this feels amazing, it’s rich and unctuous and has a wonderful orange, caramel aroma, it sank into my skin and plumped it immediately, I was able to use this around my eyes which are very sensitive with no problems.

Micro-Retinol Essential Moisturizer – a lovely light texture but extremely hydrating and once again with that light, natural lemony floral aroma.  After about 5 minutes I noticed my skin began to feel much firmer.

Overall impressions; after only a few days I noticed a marked difference in the colour of my skin.  Some post summer hyperpigmentation was markedly lighter and the texture of my skin was softer and finer.  Dehydration patches on my outer cheeks seemed to disappear.

After two weeks the changes become even more evident; the fine lines around my eyes and lips begin to soften, my skin and neck feel firmer and the hyperpigmentation has disappeared!

One month later almost all my sun-damage (and there was a substantial amount!) has gone and I’m left with a softer more youthful skin that I haven’t seen for many years.  It seems to be content and comfortable, neither oily nor dry and the texture and tone have vastly improved.  I no longer need to wear foundation and only use a small amount of concealer on the redness in my cheeks.

My verdict; I absolutely love the results which are definitely visible.  The professional treatment was truly amazing and offered the same results multiplied by ten.  My skin was firmer, more even in colour and much finer after the Micro Peeling treatment.  I loved the fact I could get these great results without any redness or flaking associated with traditional peeling treatments.

Here is a client picture after just one teatment!


I should point out that this line is not recommended for sensitive skin or conditions such as rosacea or active acne and while using the line direct sun exposure should be avoided since retinol makes you photo sensitive.

I hope you get the chance to try this great line, while I’m  a little biased about Pevonia products I feel sure you’ll all agree this line is noteworthy and truly outstanding.  You can find out more about Retinol Products here.