Monthly Favourites

October Favourites

Is another month really over?  I can’t believe Christmas is almost upon us!

In Australia we’ve had a very strange launch into spring.  Temperatures are fluctuating between 19 and 38 Celsius, and on those super hot days the last thing we want to do is layer thick and cakey makeup only to see it slide down our faces!

For this month, my mantra has been; keep it light and keep it on!

Here is what I’ve been loving this month…

I’ve ditched foundation this month preferring to keep my skin breathing and clean and have opted to only use a primer and concealer.

I’ve been really enjoying the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer.  As well as feeling light yet hydrating this seems to calm and even out my skin well enough to skip the foundation, that’s one less layer to sweat off later!  On super hot days I wear this alone on freshly cleansed skin, on other days over my moisturizer.  It keeps my makeup fresh throughout the day and forms a great base for foundation or concealer.  This has vitamins A, C and E, which give my skin anti-oxidant protection but does not contain a sunscreen so be sure to apply over the top or use a foundation with SPF protection if you are going to be exposed to the sun.

To even out skin tone and reduce redness I’ve just been applying the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.  I swipe a little on the forehead, under the eyes, around the nose and chin and blend it all out with a Real Techniques buffing brush.  This is so creamy and pigmented that those little swipes seem to even out my skin without feeling like I’m wearing anything at all.  It lasts most of the day and I just take it with me for a quick touch up in the early afternoon.  I love the ease of this routine it takes mere minutes to do my makeup base and don’t think I’ll go back to wearing foundation every day, try it with your concealer!

I don’t like to wear face powder despite having a combination/oily skin type, I find on my skin it just cakes and looks too mattifying and I prefer a bit of radiant skin shining through my base.  So it’s important therefore to use a setting spray.  If you are unfamiliar with this concept it’s simply a refreshing spritz to help your makeup stay put.  I love the way it seems to airbrush your makeup as a final step and ideal if you’ve over-powdered your skin as it seems to liquefy the powder.  My all time favourite (and believe me I’ve tried them all!) is the Clarins Fix’ Makeup Spray.  It uses a “fixing polymer” (think hairspray for the face) derived mainly from Fructose and an ingredient called Rose Cohobat, which according to Clarins is 30 times more concentrated than pure rose water.  It certainty softens the skin in the way rose water does.  It preserves the hydro-lipidic film (oil and water film) to keep moisture in your skin.  In a nutshell, it hydrates, softens and keeps your makeup on your face and I can’t recommend it enough.

Another issue I have in hot weather, as I’m sure many of you do, is mascara that smudges, particularly from the lower lashes. By late morning I usually resemble a panda and not a cute one.  However, due to the aggressive rubbing required to remove waterproof mascara, I prefer not to use them. So Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara has become my holy grail.  With it’s itty-bitty brush and smudge proof formula my lower lashes have been on show again and guess what? No smudging.  This does dry out quickly but a few drops of Visine in the tube keeps it like new and for me it’s definitely worth it.

sesora clinique bottom lash mascara copy

Hot weather can also play havoc with eye shadow as the lids become oily and the shadow seems to shift it all into the creases looking a bit too grungy to be fashionable.  This month I’ve been grateful for the Maybelline Colour Tattoo, a cream based shadow that dries and sets.  A quick swipe with the finger on the eyelid of my favourite: Bad to the Bronze leaves a lovely wash of shimmery brown with just enough highlight to look radiant.  And it stays where you place it all day.  One of the reasons I love this colour is that it seems to create its own dimension, it looks lighter on the lid and darker in the crease so it actually looks as though you’ve spent some time using multiple colours even though you’ve just used one. If you prefer a matte shade try Tough as Taupe, it’s a similar shade (more grey brown) without the shimmer.

sesora maybelline colour tattoo copy

I’ve also been trialing the Nars Lip Lacquers.  My “go to” each day is Eros, a sheer raspberry shimmer shade that gives a natural, rosy glossy lip.  It’s a very thick gloss that I find super-hydrating and very easy to carry with you for easy “no mirror” touch ups.  It doesn’t last too long, you’ll need to reapply after eating or drinking but as I said, easy to apply on the go. I particularly love this shade, which is perfect for daytime and would really suit anyone.

sesora nars lip tar copy

Finally my latest love for October is the Lush Bath Ballistic (AKA Bath Bomb) in Tisty Tosty.  This soft rose scented treat has been a godsend at the end of some very busy days.  Anyone who knows me knows I love my evening bath and this makes it a Cleopatra Spa Experience.  Pop it in the bath and watch it fizz around releasing all the skin nourishing goodies and even a few dried roses for added luxury.  When you emerge your skin feels amazingly soft and nourished!

A non-makeup item (though it’s about makeup!) that I have to mention is a book, by Rae Morris.  She is an amazing Australian makeup artist and one of my mentors.  I’ve learnt so much from Rae over the years and love the way she continually pushes boundaries with makeup.  This book (I have all her others) is called Timeless Makeup and features tips (not the same old ones) on classic looks that make you look years younger.  A must have for any woman 40+ ! so if you are looking for some great advice from a true master I highly recommend you get this one.

So that’s my October favourites, I hope you find a few items in that exhaustive list that become your favourites too, and don’t forget to tell us what you’ve been loving this month!

Liane x