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Quick and Easy Evening Look for the over-tired

One of our lovely readers has requested advice on “Quick and Easy Evening Glamour” which I thought was a great topic to share.

It’s a particularly relevant at this time of year when evening functions are so common.  I’ve had my fair share as I’m sure you have too.  And if you are like me, it’s sometimes hard to muster the enthusiasm to get “dolled up” after a hard day of work at the office or home.

On one hand I love the excuse to pack on the paint and go out, on the other I’ve had a few disasters, usually when I try too hard.  The “Smokey Eye” for example always looks great when I leave home, but more like a post-apocalyptic smoldering heap when I get home.

So I’ll share my fail-proof, go-to look for evenings that never fails me.  It consists of four must-haves;

Vintage Eyes

Red Lips

Kick Butt Shoes

and a Designer Clutch Purse

Put these together and you’ll always look fresh and glamorous and chic!


Keep your clothing simple and classic; a little black dress or clean cut suit with plunging neckline works for me.  Sometimes an overly fussy outfit takes over and it rarely feels comfortable. How many of these outfits have left you hitching up straps, pushing down tight skirts or sucking in your tummy? This is enough to ruin any night and you’ll look ill at ease fiddling with your clothing.


Focus on; flawless pale skin, perfect liquid eyeliner and Hollywood lips.

Base: Use any foundation that gives you great coverage and wears well.  Don’t apply too much and work it into the skin with the fingers for a flawless, natural appearance.  Use concealer to correct any dark shadows or imperfections and set with a radiant finishing powder.  I recommend the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light, this gives your skin an airbrushed appearance that won’t look too powdery.

Eyes: Use a warm medium toned brown to help define the crease of your eye.  This is just enough to create a some dimension and not to achieve an eye-shadow look, blend it out well to eliminated any harsh edges.

Apply liquid eyeliner.  Take your time and do it slowly!  If you lack confidence then use a sharp eyeliner pencil first to create the shape, then go over with your liquid liner.  Begin with a fine line close to the lashes building up slowly to a thicker line out the outer eye. Once you have perfected that, create a small flick in the outer corner toward the brow and join the liner up as below.


Apply lashings of mascara to the top lashes and if you are feeling courageous some demi-lashes to the outer half of your eye. You could even apply some lash flares if you know how.  Follow with a light layer of mascara to the lower lashes.

Define your brows with a brow pencil or brow shadow; create a gentle arch on the outer third for true movie star glamour.

Pop on some blush then follow with some deep red lip shade to suit your skin tone.  I like to create a perfect outline first with a lip liner and fill it in, then go over with a colour fast lipstick such as the Rimmel Apocolips.  These last all night and you won’t need to worry about patchy lips as they wear off.

Here’s my version of the look, you’ll see it even works for those of us with hooded lids!



Do something you feel comfortable with that is not too fussy.  For this look I love to soften the effect with a middle part and soft GHD Curls.



Wear shoes that make you feel like a goddess.  I’m of the school that believes great shoes make the outfit and love a pop of colour especially when wearing a black dress.  No they are not as comfortable as your Ugg boots and yes they are bad for your back but look at how gorgeous they make your outfit!  Tip: Walk heel to toe not toe to heel.  Once I discovered this I stopped looking like Minnie Mouse in heels!



Nothing is more glamorous than a gorgeous clutch purse and these are a great prop for those that feel awkward standing among strangers.  It becomes my security pillow when I go out and gives me something to do with my hands!  Try not to choose a predictable black clutch but opt for  something unique and contrasting like a bright yellow, clear or etched bag.


It’s that last little touch that makes you feel special and sets the mood for you look.  Spritz it on before you put on your jewellery though, fragrance can leave marks on your bracelets and rings.

Finally pop some quick touch up items in your purse; a lipstick, small fragrance atomizer and mints and enjoy your night out!