Beauty 101

Refresh your Hair!

Isn’t it wonderful to have so many great hair products at our disposal to help us get the hair we desire!  From leave in conditioners to smoothing oils to texturizing products that give us volume and body, the possibilities are endless.

If you are like me your bathroom resembles a hair salon with hair grooming products lined up like soldiers ready for use.  I spray and massage in a multitude of products daily to give my hair shine and bounce and keep it looking as good as possible.  However…all of these oils, silicones and other ingredients build up on our hair and sooner or later leave our hair dull and course and totally unmanageable.

It makes sense then to use a great, deep cleansing, product stripping shampoo once a week to remove all the residue and give you back your own hair ready for the next assault!

Enter the Clarifying Shampoos.  These products, born from necessity are designed to remove all the product that builds up in your hair from styling products.  Makes sense as normal shampoo just doesn’t seem to budge it.  However, the down side, for me anyway, is that these products are loaded with drying surfactants that can irritate the scalp and leave your hair a knotted mess.  I’ve tried about 15 clarifying shampoos and all with pretty much the same results.  Itchy scalp.

Then I read about a great tip…and so incredibly simple it really didn’t expect it to work but it does!

Mix 1 teaspoon of Bicarbonate Soda into about 1 tablespoon of your regular shampoo and you have your own gentle, clarifying shampoo.  This really works!  Not nearly as drying as the traditional clarifying shampoos, inexpensive and just as effective.  And the bonus is that it doesn’t irritate the scalp and cause the hair to become dry and tangled.


I do this once a week and follow with a deep conditioning treatment, the result?  Baby soft, perfectly clarified hair.