Beauty 101


So you’ve had a good night, maybe sipped one too many cocktails and stumbled into bed in the wee small hours.  Then morning comes and the price for all that celebrating is evident in your tired red eyes and washed out, dehydrated skin. Time to get ready and you wish you could just stay under the covers and skip the day but not today, you have commitments!

How can you restore this bedraggled mess into a semblance of your former, healthier, radiant self?!  The temptation is to cover it all up with makeup but we both know that is never the answer, we’ve tried it before and the inevitable result will be a tired bedraggled face with caked on makeup.

Fear not, the Beauty Red Cross is here with some emergency tips to help you look as though you’ve just had 10 hours sleep even if you don’t feel it!

Step One.  Rehydrate.

Inside and out.  Slug back a huge glass of cold water and if you have some vitamins on hand get those into your depleted body.  Vitamins C and B are ideal after a big night out.  Avoid coffee if you can and opt instead for herbal tea with honey and lemon. Coffee and regular Tea are diuretics and you cannot afford any more moisture loss.  Eat if you can and load your body with good healthy proteins and carbohydrates to boost your energy, a boiled egg with whole-wheat toast is ideal and chased with some fresh fruit or fruit juice.

Some soothing eye drops are next, pop a few in each eye then follow with cool compresses on the eye area to help reduce the burning sensation you’ll be feeling from lack of sleep.

Next…hop in the shower and pull out the big guns, a zesty and invigorating shower gel with stimulating essential oils will help get your circulation pumping and begin flushing out those nasty toxins.  Smother your body with the richest body lotion you have to rehydrate your body skin.

You may need a lie down at this point but if not then carry on…

Step Two. Face Restoration

This is one of those occasions where it is better to spend more time on your skin than your makeup.  Makeup applied to a lackluster and dehydrated skin looks twice as thick and will become oxidized very quickly.  Your skin needs hydration and plenty of it and stimulation.  I recommend spritzing first with a hydration mist followed by a deeply hydrating serum, your skin will drink it up quickly so you may need to apply more than usual.  Follow with a nourishing care cream or light oil and massage the skin in sweeping movements from the nose out.  This will help reduce in post party puffiness and help to restore a “glow” by oxygenating the skin cells.  Blot the excess before applying any makeup and spritz again with your hydrating mist.

Step Three. Makeup


Even though your skin probably looks red and patchy try to resist creating a thick “cover-all” mask and opt instead for a light tinted moisturiser or BB Cream to help even things out.  Then go in with a concealer to help obscure the redness and dark circles.  Begin with a Salmon coloured eye concealer to brighten the eye area, pat a small amount under the eyes and let it absorb a little before blending into the skin.  Use a flesh toned concealer on any blemishes and around the nose which is most likely red around the nostrils.  Avoid powder which will probably just make the base look caked and let your skin shine through. Finish with another spray of your hydrating mist to set the makeup.


You may need to use a bit of concealer on the lids to reduce any redness but keep it light, pat it in gently and allow to set.

Line the eyes with nude eye liner to reduces redness in the water line.

Apply a wash of warm colour on the lids and avoid dark colours which will just make your eyes look shadowy and tired.  A light base all over with a warm latte colour on the lid and in the crease is ideal. Follow with a soft liner through the top lashes, (keep it smudgy and soft) and finish with mascara on the top and bottom lashes.  Avoid liner on the lower lash line to help give your eyes a lift.

Finish with a light colour on the inner tear ducts to help brighten the eyes.


As your skin is probably very dry and dehydrated you may prefer to use a cream blusher and avoid the powders altogether.  Blush is a saviour when your skin is feeling tired,  lifeless and pale and a little extra may be called for today!  Pop a peachy, pinky shade on the apples of the cheeks building the colour slowly until your face looks more alive and healthy.


Just a sweep of nourishing lip balm or gloss is ideal today.  Don’t fuss with lip liners and avoid drying stay fast formulas at all costs.  Something with a pink or red base is ideal to make your lips look healthy and rosy.


Finish with an uplifting spray of your favourite fragrance and good luck!  And get to bed early tonight or you’ll be doing the entire shebang tomorrow morning!