Beauty 101

What does your hair parting say about you?

It appears how you part your hair reveals to others something about your personality according to “The Hair Part Theory” developed by siblings and sociologists John and Catherine Walter.

And according to this theory if you change it up – be it left to right or vice versa – it simply changes the perception of others towards you and how they respond to you.

So here is what you are revealing…

Left Parting

Women with a LEFT parting are observed as intelligent, reliable and usually in-charge, which is great for women who are looking to make it in the business and politics field. The downside is, they can sometimes be perceived as too ‘masculine’.


Right Parting

Women with a RIGHT parting are more common and usually seen as very feminine, gentle and caring. Unfortunately, they could sometimes not be taken seriously.


Centre Parting

NO parting or a CENTER parting? Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re viewed as balanced, trustworthy and wise.


Fact: Men usually have a LEFT parting which says popular, successful, strong and traditional while the uncommon RIGHT parting for men is perceived as atypical, eccentric and radical. The most striking example and perhaps the most illustrative of The Hair Part Theory, is that when Christopher Reeve played Clark Kent, his hair was parted on the right. As Superman, his hair was parted on the left.


So which side are you?


  • Remy

    I have a parting to the left
    i dont look that political and masculine do i?